here en route
2010 -ongoing


installation photographs from JTP10 , JTG, London, UK, 2010:

photographs courtesy of Guy Archard


installation photographs from here at the shoreline, Low&High interdisciplinary platform, Folkstone, UK, 2011:

photographs courtesy of Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz



Here en route is a project that continues to evolve. It started with an invitation for an exhibition in relation to a work from the past. It has been a work about “here”, about connecting, about art practice, about audiences, about time, about space. It is a work about shifting the focus as you go along.

In 2009 I made a work entitled here for the online gallery or-bits.The work consists of three pairs of postcards depicting various places. In 2010 Marialaura Ghidini, the curator of or-bits, invited me to develop here for the physical space of JT Gallery.She was interested in “the idea of offline/online/offline”. I thought of the space between the online and the offline. And then of the distance, the less than a centimetre distance between the two postcards, and the distance between my studio space and the gallery space. The Google Maps suggested route that connects my studio with JT Gallery , is a 2,600 metres line.
I started considering this connecting route as the route of my artwork; from the inception of an idea to the formation of a proposition to share, from the working space to the exhibition space. At the same time finding these two spaces -clearly defined as separate in my thinking, I decided to start challenging this demarcation.

In the exhibition space I positioned two white walls, one strip light, one desk, one chair and a pile of A4 papers with a text I wrote about here en route . Every day I spent two hours at the desk, continuing the drawing of a line I began in my studio the first day I started working on here en route. A line 2,600 metre long that is yet to be completed.
Outside the exhibition space, I walked the same route from my studio to the gallery everyday and I knocked on all the 416 doors along the route. I presented here en route and I asked people to take and email me a photograph of my online work here as they see it on their own computer screens, in their space.
268 people didn't open and I left a letter in their letter box, 148 people opened, 109 people showed interest in what I was saying, 39 people didn't want to listen to me or told me that what I was saying didn't interest them. With most of the people I spent 3 minutes, with one of them 18. 20 people responded with an email.